Setup your own dime VPN

This is a quick guide to setting up your own cheap and private Vpn server. It is very simple, even for those who do not understand computers and servers.

First of all, you have to choose where your server will be located (in which country)

For example, users from Russia can choose a server located in Finland, Hertzer is good enough. They have cheap plans that start at just € 2.99 per month. Or ITLDC from Latvia for the same money.

Using our link above you will get 20 Euro, this is a few months of free VPN use.

Users from Europe can choose a server located in Latvia, Germany or Amsterdam. ITLDC and Digital Ocean are good choices. ITLDC has cheap plans that start at just € 2.99 / month, while Digital Ocean servers start at $ 6.

Using our link above, you will receive $ 100 for two months of any services, including VPN.

Install WireGuard client on mobile phone or desktop

Log in to your server using the console

Run the installation script by pasting the code below into the console and pressing Enter

curl -O
chmod +x

All settings can be left by default – just press Enter

The only place where you will need to enter something is the client name – Client name

Then again, you can leave all the settings by default – just press Enter

If you have done everything successfully, a QR code with your client key will appear.

Add a passkey to your device

Launch WireGuard app and press the + button

Select create from QR code

Scan the QR code from Kosoli

Give a name to your connection

Start your secure connection by sliding the slider

Done! Your connection is now completely secure!